Beach Court After-School Arts Program

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Performance dates and times for all programs are here!  Check "classes" tab for individual programs where you can find  information.

Watch our 2021 Winter Show

Denver's Top Arts Schools Come to 

Beach Court!

Professional arts teachers from all over Denver as well as from Denver Children's Choir, Colorado Honor Band, Swallow Hill Music and Fiesta Colorado come to Beach Court each week to teach your child how to play an instrument, dance, act, or to be an artist. 

Act, Sing, Dance, Play an  Instrument,  Make  Art!  We have it all here!

Click on the program below and check out the website of a program you are interested in learning about. All classes are taught on-site at Beach Court Elementary after school.

Click on the logos below to visit our partners' website

or go to our menu bar at the top for class information

Band with the Colorado Honor Band

Violin with Denver Young Artist Orchestra

Folkloric Dance with

Choir with Denver Children's Choir

What do Beach Court students like about being in a musical group?


"I get to hang out with my friends and we also get to learn to play the violin!"


"The teachers are really nice and teach us a lot"


"We get to perform in front of a huge audience"


Do you want to be in the Arts world? Try us out!

Many students who go through our after-school program have advanced in their programs to perform at high levels.  Other students have chosen to continue their musical learning in middle school and high school

For more information call: (720) 424-9470
or write:

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